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Originally Posted by Kaz
Exactly. Now, I never said I liked the E90's looks bettter, because I don't. I just said the E46 looks dated compared to it. I think I'll always feel that the E46 looks better than the E90, just like how I feel the E30 is tbe best-looking 3er out of all of them (FWIW I like the E36 the least. I didn't like it in 92, I don't like it now.)
on the first point... Being newer or looking more contemporary does not mean it looks better. Just different. My initial reaction to the E90 is to recoil in horror, though not as much horror as with the new 5/6/7 series designs, but I will withhold final judgement until I can see them up close and personal.

On the second point, I think the E46 is the best looking of the 3 series, followed very closely by the E30, with the E36 a very distant third.
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