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Originally Posted by F1Crazy
SLO Town, we've had the numerous oil discussions on this forum so I'm gonna make it short. The part of your owners manual about oil was written in 1999 when BMW started selling E46s. At that time there was no other oil on the US market that would meet BMW specs other than their own, hence the recommendation of the widely available and popular Mobil1 or Valvoline, the official supplier for BMW at the time.

As far as all synthetic oils being adequate it all depends on driving conditions. You can put mineral oil in and it won't destroy your engine as long as you change it frequently and don't put any stress on the engine. The major part of the BMW specification is that the oil has to be suited for extended intervals, the spec itself is based on ACEA A3/B3 specs. Approved oils are simply more robust, with higher High Temperature/High Shear viscosity numbers and additive package better suited to fight acid build up.

I think you don't have a clear understanding of oil viscosity or SAE numbers for multi-grade oils. How running a 5W-30 oil in a dead of winter in a cold climate is different from running 5W-40? Both have the same Winter number (5) which means they will both behave like 5W oil at cold temperatures. Also, please explain to me why is it a mistake to run 0W-30 oil? I did it with an oil that met BMW LL-01 specs and have oil analysis to prove that it did very well.

BMW doesn't use special break-in oils but the cars that are shipped here from Germany are filled with a better oil than what we can buy here, I'd leave it for at least initial break-in period.
Easy now. No need to get huffy and accuse me of not understanding various lubrication related bits.

First, the Service and Warranty booklet I refer to has a print date of September 2002, and the throughput the test mentions the 2003 model year. To say this booklet is based in 1999 info would not appear to be correct.

I have been on this forum, as well as Roadfly and E46 Fanatics, and am fully aware of the many discussions there have been on engine oil, brake pads (or as some would say "break" pads), etc.

The context of my answer, and the usual context of many people who ask engine oil related questions is, "what oil can I use that will not void my warranty". That was the context of my answer. I agree with you that one's choices of suitable oil is much larger than BMW would like you to believe.

Don't tell me I don't understand viscosity and what "5w" means. I am fully aware of the meaning. However, in my reply I wasn't interested in writing a book on oil viscosity, etc. Kind of like what you said when you said you wanted "to keep it short".

In your threads you keep mentioning the ACEA A3/B3 specs. Where does BMW say that is a requirement? If you read official BMW documentation carefully, the only spec they mention is that the oil be a 5w-30 or 5w-40 and be SJ rated.

You've done alot of surfing and researching, and I think that's great.

My only complaints are that you are stating certain things as being official BMW statements (e.g the ACEA ratings). Once again, BMW makes no mention of ACEA ratings. Secondly, you assume people who have slightly different opinion than you don't know what they're talking about.

I'm and old guy and have been around alot longer that you might think. I've owned, driven, and worked on everything from 1200cc VW motors to V12s (try putting a clutch in a V12 E-type - been there, done that - patience is virtue).

I've also been intimately involved with SCCA racing and have crewed for a multi-time West Coast Regional Champion, that very car qualifying on the front row at the invitation only National Championships in Atlanta.

But wait, I was the chassis guy and dinked around with spring rates, shock valving, roll centers, camber, toe, tire temps, weight transfer, etc. Upon further consideration, you're right. I was just a chassis guy and didn't know what I was talking about when I wrote about engine oil. What was I thinking? Please accept my apologies.

SLO Town
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