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Originally Posted by LarryN
I'd agree about the cost factor, but as for luring us in, Doug stated "The car we used for the photos for example,it was a customer's car, 100% street driven, 100,000 miles, the car never saw one day on the track" is not a 100,000 mile e46 with no track days, with a torn subframe. It was a perfectly fine 68+k mile car that gets tracked a lot, and does many autox events over the past 3 year without any problems.

It seems that we are lead to believe that any e46, even if you do not track it, is susceptable to this problem. This may or may not be the case in reality. However, the statement was not correct, and could lead people to a potential incorrect decision.
Actually, you are correct about the photos - kinda- However, the photos you're referring to Larry are the ones in our instruction sheet. Those aren't the photos I was talking about.

Earlier in this thread, when I mentioned photos, I was referring to the photos of the car with sheet metal damage, these photos are on our website. It was not intended to be leading people into buying something they didn't need. So the statement was correct. You simply misunderstood.

Here are the photos I was orignally referring to were the ones we have on our site:

If you need me to clear up any other misconceptions you may have regarding anything we do here, feel free to email me Larry. I'd be happy to do that for you.


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