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Originally Posted by FrenchBoy
The Bimmerfester whose car was used for the pictures told me this was the case...

Fortunately, it seems that after a little bit of fighting, TMS has agreed to waive the labor cost.
Guys... I posted this product info to help you guys out and answer some questions you may have had. WOW, there seems to be a lot of anger towards us here! Trust me, we're good guys here! We try to keep the customer happy and if they aren't, we don't sleep at night. We're enthusiasts just like you, we're not the type of place that "blindsides" the customer by any means. If we practiced business that way, there would be a lot more negative posts about TMS, and I doubt we'd even be here after all these years.

Yes, there was a misunderstanding between the customer and our service dept. I was unaware of this until today, so I was as confused as some of you here were when I was reading this. I now see I was lead into something else. If anyone that has been here at TMS, you already know I am in a completely different building from the service dept, which is about 2 miles away. I had no idea until today that this was even going on. I have spoken to Kevin and Will and they tell me that we have since apologized for the misunderstanding and absorbed the cost of all the parts and labor for this customer's install. I hope all is well between us again, afterall, that is all we want.

It was a misunderstanding more than anything, if anyone has any questions regarding the details, I'd prefer to answer questions privately. I'll be happy to fill you in via email.

Thanks again,

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