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Originally Posted by shizat63
I was getting between 360 and 450+ per tank on my manual 325Ci. The manual 330i with 1700 miles is lucky to get 300 miles per tank at 90% highway

I broke in both engines the same way, and I drive the same way as I did in the 325. I have no performance mods. At this rate I should have just got an S4.

I thought it might be winter fuel related, but my 325 with 52K was doing fine in Dec. And it's not a small engine vs. big engine b/c the 330i EPA range is 21/30 mpg. Unless the EPA numbers are grossly inaccurate as in the hybrid Toyotas, I'm at a loss.

Is this 39.2 DME related Anyone else getting 300 miles or less from their ZHP?
My gas mileage to date has been pretty consistant. When I lived 10 miles from work , with a commute on a rural highway, I got around 22-23 mpg. Now that I live 4 miles from work and it's mostly urban with moderate traffic, I get right at 20 mpg. I got the 39.2 update a couple months ago and have had no change in the economy. On a long trip last summer, I got a one tank reading of 29.4 mpg.
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