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Originally Posted by Moderato
I usually get 21 - 25 mpg overall in my 330 depending on how I drive, also I noticed a I lost a couple mpg's when I put on the snow tires. When I fill up the car usually takes around 14 gallons and I'll get anywhere from 300 - 350 on the tank. This about 60% highway 40% city.

I think when the car breaks in more, you'll see an improvement in gas mileage.

I don't know if the B6 S4 would feel that much better then the ZHP when it comes to low end torque, because even though the engine has more torque then the ZHP, it is also id driving 4 wheels and it weighs like 500lbs. more then then ZHP.

I can't definitively speak for the B6 S4 - but comparison between my B5 S4 and my 330 ZHP - in regards to torque - is significant. The S4 has gobs and gobs of it - up and down the rev range - where the ZHP is much more peaky. Both can go fast certainly (and the 330 deceptively so) - but there is really no comparison. With the S4 a blip of the throttle at nearly any point in the rev range causes the car to litterly lurch forward - and then flat out go - where the 330 seems to build a bit before it really gets going. The S4 is really very noticibly faster...what can I say...(and yeah I'm chipped and otherwise modded....but even in stock mode the car is clearly quicker)

And heh - I wasn't cmplaining about 14 MPG...its just a fact...but one of the reasons we picked up the bimmer up was for me to commute with in anticipation of better city mileage. My commute is much longer then my wife's (understatement - she has about 2-3 miles) and 14 mpg for a 40-60 mile round trip (I have several places I commute to...all with lots of stop and go...)...well - I wanted something that would give me a bit better mileage and also wanted to lessen the wear and tear (put more then 40K in 2 years...) on the Audi. Well....was hoping for at least 20 for city with the bimmer...but more like 18 - maybe even less at times...moot point though...the wife loves the BMW so much its difficult to pry it from her (OK it really is near perfection in an auto...IMO) - and in fact I don't always try so hard as I prefer the both cars really - but ultimately the kick in the back torque of the S4 (and the ability to basically easily shoot by nearly everyone else at will) really does it for me. The driving experience of both is really first rate (though neither is perhaps as thrilling as my MR2 was...)....but me driving for high gas mileage (yeah rite...)...well...not really my first concern...and I wouldn't have bought any of these cars if it was...
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