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Originally Posted by Curious Joel
I was having issues with people trying to carjack me, believe it or not... Even though I live in NH, which is supposedly the safest state in the nation. We talked to the police, and they said that it was the fact that I was a young kid driving a big, expensive car. They suggested we sell it, so my parents did. They bought me a 330xi... Still noticeable, but around here they're a dime a dozen, so we're hoping I'll blend in more, and still be able to have fun driving.
how many times did this happen? was it happening in your high school parking lot? BTW, you are still a young kid in an expensive car. if I was seriously getting carjack attempts regularly I would go with a badge that didn't draw as much attention. Either your parents just don't get it, or the badge is more important than your safety.
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