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Originally Posted by Plaz
Honestly, I think only the most devout geeky gearheads do the Blackstone thing for their personal daily driver. Before reading this board, I'd never heard of anyone sending their used motor oil to be analyzed. I mean really, that's pretty over-the-top. (Not that there's anything wrong with that)
I honestly don't fall into that category (I don't think ) yet send my oil to Blackstone at every oil change. (Used to get a TBN number every time, now I don't need it)

I had heard about these labs, before reading it on this board, from friends that are pilots/airplane owners. See, you can't just pull over and stop the engine in an airplane. Besides pulling plugs and checking their condition, oil is analyzed as well.

As for changing oil before the recommended 15k interval, unless you have it analyzed and know it's condition, then you are simply shooting in the dark and have no clue if the oil is still of use or not.

That said, with my car with my driving habits, oil can go up to a max of about 8k miles before it's basically useless.
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