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Originally Posted by Mr Paddle.Shift
Click on PDF below.

Peak output of the R6 surpasses its
predecessor by 20 kW (27 bhp) with 190
kW (258 bhp)
at 6650 rpm. Maximum
torque of 300 Nm (221 lbft) is available
between 2500 and 4000 rpm. The company
says the basic unit has the highest
specific power output per liter and the
highest power/mass ratio in its class at 63
kW/L (84 hp/L)
and 1.18 kW/kg (0.717
hp/lb), respectively.
That "highest specific power output per liter in its class" of only 84hp/L got me thinking of the Nissan G35's 298hp/3.498L V6 - 85.19hp/L- and the Acura TL's 270hp/3.210L V6 -84.11 hp/L- , but then I realized that the R6 numbers in this article are kind of "screwed up" by having some strange mix of DIN and SAE ratings: 190kW = 254.69hp (190/.746kW/1bhp) and 190kW/2.997L = 63.4kW/L = 84.98hp/L... and still came up short.

Nice article overall, though...

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