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Originally Posted by andy_thomas
I don't know anything about the Nissan engine, [b]since it is only appears to be made for the US market (possibly Canada too?).[b] The BMW's engine is available anywhere, which is a consideration . For that, I get 86.42 bhp (DIN)/litre. The Nissan V6 in the 350Z over here makes 287 bhp from 3.5 litres, not 298 hp (SAE) - but this is also nothing to be sniffed at. However that engine has a reputation for being large (read thirsty) and a bit coarse - which I suppose offsets the greater straight-line performance you get for the money.
Well, the article does not differentiate nor specifies which country this "class" is so that's the reason it just caught my attention, after all it is an engineering article talking about engine ratings. And also it seems that the mix of SAE ratings (255hp) and DIN (258hp) got everything out of control with the ratings. Of course, I still believe that this R6 is a great engine and I would like to see real performance numbers on the road for the 330i with it.

For the 05 model year the 350Z pumps out 300hp in the Aniversary edition over here, and the manual transmission Infiniti G35 (Coupe and Sedan) is 298hp (280hp if automatic).
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