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Originally Posted by AlexE46
i dont have any pics, but i put in a racing dynamics from bavarian autosport which costed around $300 and it was defenatly worth it. when u floor it, it has the sound of it being really fast but with the classiness of BMW. it probably increases somewhere from 5-7 HP
but if you put in shricks intake manifold you will increase your hp by another 15 hp.
Full disclosure: I had an injen intake on my old Eclipse, which did make it sound slightly nicer. Also, I am probably at risk of winning the ff award for over-consistency (just kidding, ff ) ...

... but, perhaps before sinking hundreds or thousands of dollars into someone's *****me-a-boat fund, original poster should consider the amount of the power gains reported here, as well as the actual (not back to back, but still) results reported here. Of course if you just want a nicer noise, an intake will probably be 100% effective. Sticky tires and some track days/driving schools/autocrossing might be a better investment.
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