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Re: Need help with V1 DIY Install

Originally posted by Steveww
I have a2002 325xi (built 5/02). I'm doing the V1 install described at:

When I removed the center panel, I found two wiring harnesses but they do not match up with the instructions: I found a 3-wire harness with a black (not white) connector, and the wire colors are not the same as those in the instructions. I also found a 5-wire harness which has a white (not black) connector; this harness did have a green-with-blue-stripe wire, which I tried, but it did not work. (I've previously wired my V1 into another vehicle, so I know how to use the connector tap.)

Is it possible I found the wrong harnesses? (How many unused harnesses can be up there?) The ones I found were easy to find-- I did not have to reach far to the right side of the car. Any suggestions at this point?

Btw, what are these two connectors used for?
The black harness is for the phone microphone. Keep digging in that general direction and you'll find the harness with the white plugs.

It sounds funny how the other harness isn't working. The wires in our cars are color coded.
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