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Originally Posted by cantona7
I posted last week about the driver's side of my car being higher than the passenger side, and a couple of people indicated that this was normal. Well, I think some variance is probably fine, but it really started to look to me like something was very wrong—I could visibly see when walking up to the car head-on or from behind, that there was a visible lean to one side.

Anyways, I took the car to the dealer this morning and dropped it off. While I was there, the shop foreman came out to take a look and instantly confirmed that there was something amiss. My SA just called and told me that they found that the spring on the rear driver's side was not seated properly, which caused that entire side of the car to site a full inch higher. I'll be picking up the car after work and hope to get a few more details. I suspect that this happened when I brought the car in last month for the 15,000 mile maintenance appt. While it was in there, they fixed a loose RSM that was causing a rattle.
Glad to hear that the problem was identified and fixed!
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