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Drove the Legacy GT LTd, Both Automatic and manual transmissions !!!

I went to the dealer and test drove the Subaru Legacy Ltd Gt in both a stick and an Automatic.

The Automatic:
I had no intentions of driving an Automatic but hey they gave me the keys to go for a ride alone so how could I say no ... I was surprised by how great the Automatic was, the car was very fast, I actually timed it 0-60 and got 6.6 seconds. The transmission in sport mode revs out really nicely and I had a ball with it. the car felt great in the curves, the seat was really comfortable and the car is a downright bargain ... this car just felt like a ton of fun ... I was loving it.

The Manual:

Test drove 2 manuals at 2 different dealers. First impression was wow this car is fast and responsive ... very tight solid feel and just a real fun car. The clutch was decent though a little long and the shifting was good. I had a nice 10 minute test drive.

Dealer #2 (same as the automatic dealer) gave me the keys to their MT and I had time alone so I took the car for a nice ride. Here is the deal, when shifting aggressively I find the transmission is not quite up to the task. It doesn't like to be thrown into gear quickly and as I shifted some more, the throws are felt kinda long & notchy ... my only other complaint was the armrest does not allow you to rest your elbow on it while shifting unless the armrest extension option might solve this ... the manual feels quicker off the line and the turbo seems to kick in more immediately. This car for some reason reminds me of my sisters Dodge Shelby charger when she had one back in the 80's or even when I have driven passat's in the past. It is the long throw and the clutch ... it just doesn't flow when driven aggressively. Otherwise when driven under normal to slightly aggressive it is a great car to drive and lots of fun

I gotta tell you I don't know which transmission to go with ... a part of me wants the MT but after getting back into the RX8 which has one of the best transmissons with short throws that snicks away shifts, it has me thinking I'm not going to enjoy the manual as much.

If the transmission smoothens out after time I might go for the manual. My other big concern is with resale of the manual ... many people want an automatic when buying used sedans and I got killed on the resale on the 330i
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