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Chip Questions. (1985 325E)


I stumbled upon these forums on a random google search. As you can probably tell from the title I own a 1985 325E in great condition. It has under 100,000 miles and the brakes, clutch, wheels and tires have all been replaced within the past few months.

I am not a car person by nature, but am interested in learning more. Through my searches I have found these ECU chips and was wondering if it was worth it to buy one, what problems can happen with one, etc.

My main questions are:

1. Am I limited to Turner Motorsport if I want a quality chip?
2. Is it possible to solder both chips in and switch between them with a low voltage toggle switch?
3. Is switching to 93 octance gasoline necessary? What happens if I dont?
4. Do I need a new intake/exhaust/etc to take advantage of these chips?


5. A friend of mine has suggested that I replace my current suspension (stock) with a lowering one, is this a good idea?

My apologies if E-bay links are not allowed on this forum.

6. I see some chips on ebay. These look to be copies of legit ones as the EEPROM's cannot cost more than $5 or so and the burner would only be around $150. Would these be worth it?

AC Schnitzer


No Idea What Brand

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