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Originally Posted by FireWalker
Ask them to run the Repair History on your car to see if in fact the battery was replaced by a BMW dealer.
Thanks for the helpful advice(I feel so very alone in this effort).
Wow! BMW repair histories are vastly more laconic than Lexus service histories!

In addition to Dealer #, Claim #, RO #, Entry Date, etc., the cryptic report states:
00,009 miles, Service Code 65100914A5
26,496 miles, Service Code 6313051200
26,496 miles, Service Code 6312221200
28,786 miles, Service Code 85990092MP
28,786 miles, Service Code 61610077MP
28,786 miles, Service Code 6134001000
29,321 miles, Service Code 34117777MP

Deciphering the codes with the BIMMERFEST secret-decoder ring, I conclude that NONE were for a battery replacement, i.e.,
Service Code 65100914A5 apparently indicates a radio MASK/ASK malfunction (A5=?)
Service Code 6313051200 apparently indicates turn signal problems (00=under warranty)
Service Code 6312221200 apparently indicates low-beam failure (00=under warranty)
Service Code 85990092MP apparently indicates a level 1 inspection (MP=maintenance plan)
Service Code 61610077MP apparently indicates replacement wiper inserts (MP=maintenance plan)
Service Code 6134001000 apparently indicates the lighter kept falling out (00=under warranty)
Service Code 34117777MP apparently indicates replacement front brake pads (MP=maintenance plan)

I then called the dealerships who did the work; none indicated any more information than I had already determined as shown above. I must tentatively conclude that the BMW battery, if it was previously replaced, was replaced outside the dealership.

But, the battery isn't really the issue that bothers me.
What bothers me is that BMW promised to provide "extensive diagnostic reports" to which they twice asked me to pay more for ... yet they never delivered on that promise.

This is dissapointing in that I trusted BMW (like I trust Lexus) to charge me for premium service and then to deliver on what they promised. In this case, it seems to me, BMW did not deliver on what they promised. But, maybe this is normal.

Do you think I am being unfair to BMW?

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