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Wow. You, M. Wong, & Firewalker provide excellent advice for all of us
(I believe any problem for one of us can affect someone else at any time; so a healthy discussion benefits even those who don't have the problem yet.)

the battery was the wrong battery for the car ... unless you can find evidence of how the wrong battery ended up in the car
I do not plan on disputing the battery charges as $144.50 appears to be only about a 50% dealer markup - which - in my experience - is acceptable.
I might take you up on that research though, as I just noticed the "Vehicle History Report" contains the complete name and address of the original owner. (Amazing ... you'd think her name, address, and phone would be private information that I should have no access to. Do they provide everyone our names and addresses when we sell our cars to just anyone?)

If I can find the phone number of that original owner, I'll give her a call.
Originally Posted by 1Dreamer
I think you need to insist on the promised extensive diagnostic report which you wrote right on the invoice was a condition of payment and they never objected to.
Good action plan. I called today. Left a message. "D" called back within an hour. I appreciate the responsiveness. "D" was professional. He agreed when I reiterated that the promised "extensive diagnostic report" wasn't satisfactory. He offered to run that report for me the next time I brought the car in (which is scheduled for next week to replace the pixels).

The catch is he asked ME what diagnostic report I wanted.

Uh ... er ... um ... hey ... I'm not the BMW professional here.
I mean, I understand amperage, current, capacitance, inductance and all that, BUT, I do not know what an hour and a half of "extensive diagnostics" would consist of for a brand I've only owned for a month. I thought they knew what to test for (they certainly knew how to charge for the test).

Still, the ball is now in my court.

Should I open a separate thread on what enthusiasts consider reasonable diagnostics to determine why this 2002 BMW 525i (manufactured in 11/2001) is on its third battery three years later?

Note: I opened a separate BMW General thread on how we can protect OUR personal information:

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