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did they take care of your scratched door? And don't forget to participate in the BMW followup survey for you future service visits.
When I showed the scratch to "D" the day of service, he offered that the painters who work behind the dealership could fix it but he made no mention at whose cost. I figure I'd just pick up some touch-up paint as I can't prove they did it. Next time though, I'll snap digital photos of the entire car BEFORE dropping it off.

When I picked up the 525, it had a flimsy plastic bag over the seat and a paper floormat on the floor with my key in the ignition and that survey card with a big red three-digit number on it on the dash. I was surprised the BMW dealership left the car in that condition so I just grabbed the whole lot and disgustedly threw it in the trash at the dealership after glancing at the card. I didn't even think of it again until these threads mentioned that survey card.
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