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Originally Posted by LMC
The deal is 1500 under list -- not great, but I caved early as I didn't want to travel to buy and I like the local (small) dealership overall. I would hope you can beat that price.

Don't wait too long to order! (When are they gonna stop making 'em really?) Actually, they do not have an allocation for me, so my "order" isn't really an order yet.

Well, I have zero loyalty to my local dealership because it's pretty much MSRP or nothing with them. And I really don't need a loaner (they have a shuttle and I don't work too far from there), nor the free weekend car washes. They do tolerable service work, and have never given me grief when trying to schedule an appointment for either warranty work or the free scheduled maintenance despite the fact I've never bought from them. It's an ideal arrangement where the service side of the house is totally separate from sales, so the SM's treat you with the same respect as their buying customers. Heck, I'd love to give them my business, but I refuse to be reamed in the process.

And I don't mind revealing that if this thing goes down it will first be through Sarafil. Like Shafer, Adrian and Ted, he's added so much to this community, and it's a way of saying thank you for those contributions. I almost bought my cab through Shafer, but unfortunately he didn't have any allocations left for the time frame I was looking at.

Anyway, we both are convinced that there will be a limited run of M's in 06 and I would prefer to buy during the last model year of the E46 derivative.

What's the most likely month that they will have an allocation for you?
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