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some good advice

Originally Posted by 89 325i
A couple of Qs from a new BMW owner ('89 325I) who, having now driven one, will never drive anything else! Brought back the fun to driving. Great cars.

1. Does anyone know of a good non-dealer BMW mechanic in the Boston area, preferably north or west of Boston? Smart, experienced, reasonably honest?

2. Is there an relatively easy way to check the wear on a timing belt? And are the consequences of a blown timing belt dire, i.e., expensive? Also, what's generally considered a reasonable price to have a timing belt and water pump replaced? Dealer wanted $800 which seemed insane to me; local garage wanted $300 - $500. Ballpark price and approx. number of manhours to do the job?

3. Have a fuel smell in the compartment which I think is related to a leak in a hose somewhere on the top or side of the tank where it's impossible to see or feel with your hand. (Fuel odor appears when tank is filled and dissapate as fuel level drops.) Have taken off both access ports under seat and looked around, but can see nothing obviously wrong. Problem is you can't see much beyond the areas dierctly under the access ports. Anybody know of any diagrams that might indicate what's under there, e.g., hoses, where you can't see? (Bently manual is no help here.) I would like to avoid having to drop the tank, if possible.

4. Can you get the injectors out of a M20 engine without removing the intake manifold? Car has 168,000 miles on it and I doubt that the O rings on the injectors have ever been replaced. Is is likely that they need to be replaced by now? I suspect I may have clogged injectors and bad seals, but am hesitant to take off the intake manifold as I am a fairly inexperienced mechanic, albeit enthusiastic and not entirely stupid (although my ex-wife will dispute that.)

Any and all advice gratefully accepted.
first,timing belt is VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!.if you dontwant to pay for someone else to have black crud under their fingernails for two weeks consult your bimmer bible (or betnley book to some ) i'm sure you will find these things are not as hard as they may seem just follow the book and go one step -a-time and you could save yourself some dough.i would always replace a suspect timing belt in fear of the outcome.this si also the prime opportunity to do the water pumpas some prev. maint. and mabe some unexpted downtime for your ride.i also recomend two tools fan clutch holder and slimline 22mm wrench you will need these!you find lots of useful stuff at and the gas you smell is probly those leaky injectors i'd seal those up b-4 you have an engine fire and longer list of probs you will find the time you spend trying to go around the int. mani. you could have taken it off and replaced its gaskets good luck
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