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Originally Posted by christo325i
first,timing belt is VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!.if you dontwant to pay for someone else to have black crud under their fingernails for two weeks consult your bimmer bible (or betnley book to some ) i'm sure you will find these things are not as hard as they may seem just follow the book and go one step -a-time and you could save yourself some dough.i would always replace a suspect timing belt in fear of the outcome.this si also the prime opportunity to do the water pumpas some prev. maint. and mabe some unexpted downtime for your ride.i also recomend two tools fan clutch holder and slimline 22mm wrench you will need these!you find lots of useful stuff at and the gas you smell is probly those leaky injectors i'd seal those up b-4 you have an engine fire and longer list of probs you will find the time you spend trying to go around the int. mani. you could have taken it off and replaced its gaskets good luck
Thanks for the encouragement on doing your own repairs. I read the Bentley and the jobs seem fairly strightforward. Thanks for the advice on the tools as well.

Fuel smell doesn't appear to be coming from engine comparment, can''t eve see any fuel leakage up there, nor a strong fuel smell, so I'm guessing it's not the injectors. Comes into the passenger compartment on the driver's side, above the fuel filter area. (Fuel filter and old hose just replaced and smell continues.) Since I only get the smell when the tank is filled up until the fuel level drops a bit, I'm guessing a bad hose or hose connection or leak near the top of the tank????? My short term solution is to - you guessed it - not fill the tank up on refuelling. Genuis, huh? Since I don't notice unusual fuel consumption, it can't really be leaking much. I know fuel and fuel vapor leaks are serious business, but i think I'm OK with this one. Thoughts?

Found a knowledgable BMW mechnic willing to drop the tank for inspection, but I'd like to avoid that expense for a while if possible. He's looking at the timing belt this week to see if he thinks it needs to be replaced.

Thanks again.
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