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Originally Posted by Cef5917
If your tank is like my 1987 325. There are three metal connections that sometimes get rusted as mine did. Had the same problems with fuel smell and it turned out I had a small pin hole in the center return line. I couldn't see it and as you said Bently was no help with the fuel tank. I had to pull it out. I could have replaced it with a fuel line by feeding it over the tank and saved myself a lot of work. But the other ones are going bad so it was time to replace the tank. I'm curious as to what your mechanic finds with your fuel tank and what he recommends to fix it. A new tank runs anywhere from $282.00 to $377.00 not inculding shipping. I found several in junk yards from $120.00 including shipping to Michigan to $165.00 not including shipping. It will be worth it and once you get all the bugs worked out you can get another couple hundred thousand out it. We have over 217,000 and going strong.

Good Luck
Where are the metal connectors located? Are they at or near the top of the tank? I wondered about threading lines over the tank. Was considering trying that but couldn't figure out if there were any clips holding the line that might have prevented snaking a hose through there.

This problem only happens when the tank is full; 5/6ths of a tank, no fuel odor. In light of that, I may defer dropping the tank for while and put that money into other things, like a wheel bearing that is making some noise and some fuel lines up front that are original and should probably be replaced. If I do go ahead and have the tank dropped, I'll let you know what we find. The price on a used tank isn't bad - and beats the $400+ that Bavarian Autoworks ( wants for a new one - if I can luck out and find one locally.

It's a great little car and I'd like to get it back in shape. 217K? That's certainly encouraging to hear. Thanks.
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