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Originally Posted by 89 325i
Where are the metal connectors located? Are they at or near the top of the tank? I wondered about threading lines over the tank. Was considering trying that but couldn't figure out if there were any clips holding the line that might have prevented snaking a hose through there.

This problem only happens when the tank is full; 5/6ths of a tank, no fuel odor. In light of that, I may defer dropping the tank for while and put that money into other things, like a wheel bearing that is making some noise and some fuel lines up front that are original and should probably be replaced. If I do go ahead and have the tank dropped, I'll let you know what we find. The price on a used tank isn't bad - and beats the $400+ that Bavarian Autoworks ( wants for a new one - if I can luck out and find one locally.

It's a great little car and I'd like to get it back in shape. 217K? That's certainly encouraging to hear. Thanks.
You should be able to see all 4 from your inspection plate under your rear seat. You could just have a worn out casket on your fuel pump and sending unit. The 87 325's have a transfer pump that feeds a main fuel pump under the driver side of the car. The main hose just goes over the top of the tank is held in place by a piece of tape ( I have fed a new one thorugh with no problems). Your car should have just one pump that is in the tank that pumps to your fuel rail. Then there are two return lines going towards the drivers side. The one on the right looking towards the drivers side feed back into the tank and couldn't be refitted with a hose. The next one is metal but feeds to another hose just off the top of your tank on the drivers side. That one you could feed a hose and bypass the metal line on top of the tank. On the passenger side of the tank is a large return hose back to the filler area in the trunk. A quick way to see if anything is leaking. Pull your back seat, go fill up your tank, pull the inspection plate, have a flash lite and inspection mirror and look for any leaking fuel. With the car running you will be able to see if it's leaking from your gasket or one of the return lines. If it doesn't leak until the tank is full you can do what my wife did for about 3 years. She never filled it up, but sooner or later it (tank) will have to be replaced. With your tank full it will give you a good reason to burn off some of that gas and take a ride. Some people have told me once the tank is out it can be fixed. Since I live in Michigan and they use salt on the roads during the winters most of our cars rust from the inside out. I didn't want to go through all the work of taking it out and have another part rust out.
Good luck!
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