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Originally Posted by 89 325i
Thanks. I've filled the tank and looked for leaks with the inspection covers off and haven't been able to see anything. Gaskets look pretty good. Have read a description of what it takes to drop the tank and it's not a job i want to tackle right now nor would it be inexpensive to pay to have done. For the time being I'm going to adopt your wife's approach and not fill the tank to the top. There are a few other places in the car that I'd rather put the money first.

FYI, this car came out of Vermont where they also use a lot of salt on the roads (car has some rust issues that need ot be addressed) and where they call early springtime "mud season," that's how much of the stuff they have! The back roads, of which there are a lot, are generally unpaved and really rough. Tough place to live if you're a car.

One last question: when I'm lying under the car looking up, am I looking at the actual gas tank itself or some sort of proective covering that goes over the tank, so that there's a space between the tank and this shield???

Thanks again.
Your looking at the heat shield in the middle that covers the drive shaft. The tank is like a saddle that sits over the drive shaft. The one's on 87's have a transfer line between the two tanks on the bottom portion of the tank. I couldn't see it until I dropped the exhaust and heat shield. If your directly under the car in the middle. You can see the left and right sides of the tank. When I first started working on it I was confused as to what the actual tank looked like. I went out to some of the parts places and they had pictures of new tanks. They don't show the transfer line either on top or bottom but you can get a good idea of how it sits and what it looks like for a reference. I've been looking for a parts CD. Bentley is good but I've come to notice they leave certain things out and I'm a picture person for reference.
Again good luck and I'm sure the 3/4 full will last a long time, it did for us.
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