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Originally Posted by dawgbone
I'm not sure on e36, but I know that you cannot dyno an e46 past 6500 rpms..regardless if DSC is on or off..And I have yet to dyno my car(no smogs in Louisiana)..I know that there are ways to trick the ECU, but never cared to research it..

Really, if your clutch was going out, then getting into it at low revs(torqueing) would easily cause you clutch to slip IF your clutch was on the brink of failing..You would easily notice this by the revs getting higher and the car just inching along..Not really the way you explained it..I could not see nor ever seen it pop/jerk or sputter from a faulting clutch..
Where does the car start to engage(peddle position)?? Is it hard to downshift or just get into first after a stop??

In nuetral, does the car rev like it should..If it does and then only acts up in gear..then I would definately look into a compression check and /or checking for leaks where your Dinan intake meets the head..
Hm, it engages at about where I expect it to, but it definitely feels like it's popping / sputtering, no hi revs. No problem downshifting, just getting into first. I'll look into the compression.

The dealers probably gonna give me a hard time about the aftermarket stuff, I should go independent?

Any good experiences with independents in the Santa Monica, CA area?
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