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Originally Posted by dawgbone
Finally.... someone that knows...Yes drilled rotors do in fact cool faster, but, they also heat up quicker...And the main purpose of the holes are to rid of the gases between the pads/rotors..

Regardless, I couldn't see you putting the rotors under that much stress(actual race conditions), as to the point of cracking them...The only reasons that they should crack would be 1) too small of diameter or 2) you're coming into corners too hot, and/or you don't know the limits of your brakes, and refuse to conserve them...

The drill rotors do perform, but with the right applications..I personally think that both the standard rotor and the drilled rotors, are too small..Probably the best upgrade (mod) as far as breaks on an e46, would be new stainless lines and decent brake fluid...Most probably, you will never have an issue with them..unless your left foot gets bored(SMG) and you let it sleep on the left peddle while driving through puddle of water

Oh...and drilled rotors do look good too
Actually they don't cool faster. AIr doesn';t move through the wholes except possibly when you are stopped. Maybe in the days of soild rotors, but with entilated rotors the air moves radially through the rotor and hole don'
t do anything, except start cracks.

And many race teams, as well as people who track rotors with holes in them, find them cracking between holes.

You under estimate the potential of a stock E46 M3. You are talking about a car that one street tires is good for 145 at the Glen and 135 at VIR (two place on the full track), and over 140 at Summit Point, and weighs some 3400 pounds with people on board. Add in R-comp tires and any form of suspension upgrade, and you are talking even higher speeds into braking zones. The car is bloddy FAST, and bloody HEAVY. LOTS of brake energy.

SS brakes lines don't do anything for dealing with heat. They do enhance pedal feel by eliminating one more area of flex in the system.
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