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Razor on 2005 525i

Originally Posted by video131313
I have a 2005 525i and have managed to pair my Motorola Razr with the car pretty flawlessly. The address book sync's (if I add a number it sometimes takes a few starts of the enging before it updates in the car), the voice dialing works well, etc. The only thing that I think I am missing is SMS capability. Is this something that not all of the BT systems have? I do not even have an option for SMS in the menu as the driving manual shows?

Thanks for your help!
I have the same combination. The Razor syncs nicely. I am pretty sure that when you add names in your addressbook the syncing with the car BT is a time issue and not a re-start. you'll note the blue light on your razor (when flap is closed) will blink for a while as the two BT modules are communicating. It's a little slow but will eventually sync up. 5-15 minutes depending on number of new entries. I have no info on SMS. But am looking for easy ways to send tones after I dial certain numbers (i.e passcodes etc.) the car's BT does not recognize that feature on the phone.
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