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Originally Posted by LMC
Hey, IndyMike, I was playing with numbers today and looking at Individual cars...
that is an exceedingly dangerous thing to do!

Here's your car: '05 M3 Coupe (I know, but we'll assume no price increase for '06)
ZCP, power seats with heaters, moonroof, xenon, H-K audio, Rubinrot (1820 wholesale/2000 retail) and Caramel (3530 wholesale/3880 retail):
Invoice $ 57,345
Retail $62,795 + tax title & license
Ya gotta pay to play! I dunno... Interlagos is kinda pretty and Cinnamon's pretty nice, too!
Or pick just one: Interlagos/caramel or Ruby Red/Cinnamon

I found a couple of pics of bicolor M3 interior (Black with Imola Red inserts and Black with Estoril Blue inserts.) Very nice, indeed. But BMWNA apparently charges the same $3880 for bicolor, even though the interior has no actual Individual colors in it. Tempting, but I just can't see paying that much more.

I'm hoping for a July allocation. If it slips to August my spec order color may be in jeopardy...
What, you mean all of that for ONLY $62,795 +TTL? "Honey, where's my little moneyclip?" I hope they'll take cash!

Ah, unfortunately that's a little too rich for my blood.

For kicks and grins I just threw that number by 'the warden'. She came back with "that's like 200 Coach bags!" I said, "Huh, how can anyone compare any purse, even a freakin' Coach purse (whatever that is ) to an M3? Besides, what maroon would want or need more than one Coach purse?" She then escaped my cell, but only to return (unfortunately) shortly thereafter with the two that she has. It was then that I seemed to be in some bit of trouble, so I immediately opened my mouth (somehow managing to shuffle both my feet in it) and stated that it was merely a rhetorical question, and besides "what ultra-maroon would need more than two Coach bags? Again, another rhetorical question" (in case she another one stashed away somewhere).

So now I am sure that I will be restricted to bread and water and sleeping on the couch for the next week or so.

At this point I don't think I could get a Kia let alone an M3.

So let's just say I am over Ruby red, or any other individual bits, for the time being.

Thanks for bringing those numbers up, Larry!

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