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Originally Posted by LMC
Happy to oblige, Mike! Just in case there is still a feather or two ruffled, how 'bout shooting me your wife's email address, OK? And I'll fix everything real good,
Gee, could ya and would ya, coach? But first give me a chance to hide her cache of automatic weapons, bandaliers of ammo, crossbow, favorite husband gutting knife and shovel. Wouldn't want to make it too easy on her, you know (I learned a little from the last time)! And if you don't hear from me some time within the next week or two, be a pal and put out an 'IndyMike alert' to the local authorities here. Alternatively, be very suspicious and take special notice if you hear stories of a 'grieving' Indiana widow who croaked her hubbie in a tragic accidental shooting incident (body was peppered with 62,795 holes) purchasing 200 Coach purses in a single shopping excursion while laughing hysterically and intermittently mumbling, "what maroon would want more than one Coach purse, indeed".

The warden is not without her eccentricities!

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