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Originally Posted by dsher
I currently have a 330ci cab 01 but have wanted the performance of the m3 although not quiet in love with the harsh ride every day. In your collective wisdom what might it cost me to turn the 330 into a reasonable m3 type car versus selling it a getting a 01 m3 cab or 02. the cost of a m3 cab here in milwaukee if i can find one is aroung 38k and a 02 around 42k which is 6k over my 330 for a 01 or 10k or so for the 02. Is there a reason to pick a 01 vs. 02 m3 or are they the same. thanks David
Are you just trying to save money or do you really not want the M3 because of the ride?

The first won't save you any money and as was pointed out earlier is not really feasible.

If it's the latter, then I would ask could you get the used M3 and do something to the suspension or wheel set up to make it less harsh? That would seem easier to do than upgrading engine, clutch, etc, etc...
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