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Originally Posted by Bavarian46
I dont think its slow I just want it to be faster, for the track use.
Well... I will go to a couple of different classes and try to make my car lighter (carbonFIBER: hood, trunk...Interior trim?)

But still curious about what would be the best Cold air intake (even if I don't feel a difference, it should help my engine...I think?)

And would a under pulley kit be worth the effort? It's a Stock 2005 M3 SMG.
Trust me, the car is WAY faster than you can drive it. And it will be for a while. And then, for track speed you need brakes and tires, not HP. Then suspension, still not HP.

Spend time on the track first, then as you get to the limits of the car, then you will know what needs to be fixed and the order to fix it.

And guess what, cars with about 100 HP can leave you in the dust when driven properly.

Let's see, the E46 M3 runs T2 in SCCA, pretty much stock with R comp tires. VIR lap record for T2 is 2:13.855. The BMW E36 325 runs in ITS with more suspension mods, gutted interior, but pretty much stock engine, lap record is2:14.247, on less than 200 HP. I race Spec Racer Ford, purpose built race car, but with a whole 105 HP. Lap record at VIR is 2:14.211. How abou tthe BIG boys, SPO, cars like NASCAR road race chassis cars, tube frames, minimal body panels, pretty much all out racers, some 500 HP, 1:59.876. Hmm, get the picture, power is the least important thing.

Since no CAI adds significant power, and any such mod will void your engine warranty, why bother?
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