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Originally Posted by bren
Isn't Camarillo in CA? How would you have gotten the CSL? And the GTR?
Last time I checked yep Camarillo is in CALIFORNIA. And they are called Boats or should I say shipping vessels... Now have I check if I can import one...NO, but who is to say it cant be done? Apologies for the GTR… a little overboard, forgetAboutIT.

Originally Posted by SergioK

No one is trying to say keep it 100% stock.

I've seen lots of students in 'fast cars' at HPDEs get their asses handed to them by lower hp cars. I've also seen lots of students in 'fast cars' driving reasonablly well but put them in a lower hp car, they would not be doing so well. In other words, upgrade the driver before upgrading the car.
I apologies for giving the wrong intentions, my goal is not to beat every car on the track…if any at all, I don’t care if a Honda kills me…I don’t care for bragging rights. I just would like to see my car have more pull than stock…I guess more torque? Improved throttle response? That’s all.

I love my BMW, so everyone that gots one…Tell me…On those times when you have pushed the limits (don’t care where!) ever felt the need for more speed (of course more road too) even if its just a little bit more.

Originally Posted by Stuka
What does "know my car and how to drive it" mean?

How many fahrschule have you attended?
Granted I must attend driving school (take offs, turns…whatever) remember there is street knowledge and Book knowledge. Not to say ones better than the other just that I don’t need to attend your fahrschule to know how to drive a car, learn something new YES learn a whole different way of doing something WHY NOT or just to fine tune it. Take a step back and look at my intensions.

OVERALL (this question is for actual M3 Owners that have modified their cars)
From the mods that have been installed, are their any regrets? Your opinion is appreciated.

Sorry late for dinner…will continue soon

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