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Originally Posted by SoCalZ3
This brings up one more Q... If the code that was entered is correct, can I be driving the car for the next 90 minutes, or do I have to leave it parked in the ON position?

I'm trying to leave for a trip and really want to get on the road.

After entering the code wrong 3 times it goes into the CODE WAIT mode and locks you out from entering. You have to leave the car on for 90minutes, it doesn't matter if it's parked or driving, just as long as the radio has power. when it gets to CODE ----- enter it again. If the code is right, it will work on the first try... if not.... i repeat:

If the code he gave you doesn't work, get them to look it up again. There are two makers of the radios in these cars, alpine and blaupunkt. The codes for each are different. Chances are they gave you the code for the wrong make.
because this is what caused tons of hassle for me when I got the radio code
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