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Originally Posted by Gary@Tirerack
Anyone care to post their own specific experiences in going from the stock 225/40R19 front, 255/35R19 rear to the wider 245/35R19 front and 275/30R19 rear? Did you find that the wider tires were mostly a cosmetic issue, did the tires tramline more, etc?
I made this size switch, went from the stock Continentals with about 7000 miles (about 60%-70% tread life left) to new Michelin PS2s. My observations:
- smoother ride
- tramlining about the same for large groves in the road, sometimes better if the groves are narrower than the tire.
- upsized tires sometimes tramline in small groves where the smaller tires didn't... but this is rare
- steering feels slightly heavier
- grip seems to be slightly improved... blasting down an on ramp with a turn I can keep on the throttle the whole way with the back just on the verge of breaking loose. Previously on that turn the Contis would start to break loose and I'd have to let up on the throttle a bit. Also, now I rarely break a tire lose from a stop, even when quickly exiting a business with a sharp right turn. With the previous tires it was easy to accidentally break one lose exiting a business.
- initial turn in seems slightly more vague... cuts down on my confidence level in the tires, so generally I don't think I go any faster than with the previous tires even though the apparently increased grip suggests that I might. This really gets to me on the tightest turns of my favorite twisty roads.

If I had to make the decision about tires and tire sizes again I'm not sure what I'd do. I like the improved grip, but I'd like the steering to feel like it has more bite when I crank the wheel. I don't know if the vagueness I experience is more due to a reduction in sidewall stiffness on the PS2s as compared to the Contis, or if it's due to the change in sidewall angles due to the wider tire.


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