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Originally Posted by MaxTimeOff
First off, if anyone is interested in how this poll came to be, and the history and discussion behind this poll, check out the Bimmerfest M6 site for all of the fun and excitement!?

I am sort of surprised that Speed would even bother with this. Clearly this poll will not achieve anything except that we're all having a little fun doing it. Remember how this started. I was intrigued by several posts wanting a manual in the M6 here in the U.S. and my stance was that I would rather have an automatic offered in the new M6 over a manual offering or at least in addition to it. My thinking was that a steptronic actually befits this luxury GT cruiser better than a manual. I also went on to say that I felt that there is a silent majority (not represented on this site, by definition) that might want it as well. This poll, while fun, does not, and can not reach the pool of potential buyers that I am referring to. I think most of us can understand that.

When this poll is completed it will be very much in favor of a manual or SMG. Let's face it, this is a group of BMW lovers, old timers, traditionists, etc. who are steeped in the BMW lore and traditions (a good thing, I learned a lot on this site), and they clearly see no need for a Step in the New M6.

So, Speed, thanks for trying. If you feel the (predictable) results of this poll support the position that a Steptronic is absolutely not wanted, by ALL potential M6 buyers, as an optional transmission offering on the new M6, more power to ya my friend.


In case anyone is wondering, the single vote for the Steptronic (at this time) was me.... for ****z and giggles, I voted

"luxury GT cruiser" ? An M6?

645 is a luxury cruiser and available with step

An M6 is a 8200rpm carbonfiber roof, get out of my way, high-strung sports machine. DonŽt be fooled by the relatively harmless apperance.

That baby is one serious machine.

It even has bumper mounts made out of carbon fibre (not even visible, so certainly not for show) just to bring weight down and move the center of mass inwards.

Drive one and youŽll see: Manual might be argued for (if not by me) but step would be absurd.
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