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The car was absolutely incredible. Its funny you mention throttle responce, as this was the only weak point of the car. Ive noticed with all the V8's, theres this hesitance moving off the line. This was not as bad as a 540, but still hesitant. But once that car got going, my god, the power and torque is breathtaking, it really is scary. It would feel even quicker if it wasnt so refined. It had 35 section tyres, but still rode well. Cornering, you definately feel the weight compared to the 330i, but its weird. As you turn in to a fast corner, you expect the car to roll, but it doesent. The speed you can cary through corners is bloody frightening. Steering feel was very good, but defininately not as good as the 530i. I think it uses the recirculating ball steering rack, as opposed to the rack of the 530. I Love the Alpina wheel it had, well feel wise, I didnt like the look very much. I honestly cant imagine the M5 being much better than the B10.
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