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Canadian Info Brochure from BMW ... misprint?

Okay ... I just got a BMW brochure in the mail the other day, and flipping through it ... it seems to have a few details that are inconsitent with other information that I've seen on the web.

Namely ...
325 ... the brochure says its a 2.5L inline 6, not a 3.0 litre??
there's a 320 with a 4-cyl. coming (can't remember if it was turbo or not)?
It also mentions a disel version (can't remember the displacement)... I didn't think disels were coming to North America?

This was from memory ... but I'll try to post the specifics later on.

Anyone know if all this is just misprint info, or how accurate it is?


PS:Flipping quickly through the brochure, it basically describes a bunch of cities (mostly in North America) that was used for ??(testing I assume), but did give some specifics on the model. Again ... I"ll post more later (I only have a hardcopy, so I won't be able to post a link or anything).

PPS: I'm not sure if I was sent the wrong brochure or anything ... the brochure listed both US/UK values for price/hp/torque/...
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