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Anyone buy thier E90 "off the boat"?


While shopping around for a new 330i, a sales person did a search and found a car with all the features I want "on the boat" on the way to the west coast. He said that he could divert the car to his dealership with a small down payment ($1000)... While we seem to have agreed to the price, we did not do all the purchase paperwork (he says that we will do that when it gets here in about 3 weeks)...

Has anyone here purchased a car like this (not on the dealer floor, but not a custom order either)? If so, when did you "seal the deal" with the paperwork? I'm just afraid of wiating 3 weeks just to get screwed on the price down the line... Perhaps I'm just paranoid 'cause I've never purchased a new car (and this is going to be pretty darn expensive)...

FYI, I already got outside financing from E-Loan at a good rate; and the dealership says they will probably be able to meet the rate (so I'm not worried about getting screwed on the financing -- I'm just worried about the cost of the car iteself)...


(and yes this is a cross-post -- I posted a similar question on the "ask a dealer" section because I want both a customer and a dealer perspective)...
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