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Ok... Here is what I figured out on getting the alternator out..

It took 4 hours and breaking my arm in 4 places, but we figured it out.

First off, disconnect the battery, negative (black) cable first.

There are dust caps on the pulleys. They are plastic and they pop right off. On the alternator pulley, it covers a 16mm bolt that loosens and just fits past the fan on removal. If you tap the pulley out (towards the radiator) with a rubber mallet, it rotates just off center and releases enough tension to pull the bolt out and get the pulley out of the way. There is another bolt underneath the alternator. Be aware, it is very tight quarters and you should keep a magnet handy, because you will invariably drop a ratchet or a wrench down to the bottom tray. Fun fun...

The tension pulley is just below the one you just removed. There is a bolt head down and to the left of the tension pulley that you can place a long handled wrench on and twist it to release the tension on the belt and pull it off of the main alternator pulley. We couldn't get a socket on it, so we used the two wrench method to get some leverage and turned the pulley enough to slip an allen wrench into a hole that holds the pulley in a non-tension position, making it easier to work in the area. After loosening the bolt on the bottom and using a small pry bar, the alternator twisted up to where we could pull the air intake duct off the bottom and disconnect the cables from the rear. The air intake on the alternator was crammed full of leaves and paper. No wonder it began failing...

You are now holding an alternator in your hands, and have 4 nice, clean breaks in your forearm.

I will follow up with reinstallation...
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