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Originally Posted by CapeBimmer
I did get my phone to pair with the car but only about 40% of the phone book downloads to the car. Strange . . . Also the phone talk quality is worse now. Signal is terrible - I am dropping a lot of my calls or the call fades in and out.

I've been away all week and plan to call my SA on Monday.

17.2 - there is no longer a (compass) direction indicator in the Nav system! I think the old arrow to north and then you had to figure out the direction was awful - it should tell you what direction you are going. But now there is nothing!

The car is now less "touchy". I think they detuned the active steering and the throttle response and/or shifting points (automatic tranny). Anyway I have only driven to and from the airport since I got it back.
With 16.2 there is no direction indicator on the nav screen either. I set the assistance window to show 'current position' and there is a North pointing arrow on that screen.
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