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Originally Posted by boxerman
First gear is not the issue, its really short anyway. Its more like when passing on country roads in 3rd or 4th. Or Say youre just cruising at about 3500 rpm in 3rd or 4th, revs start to build on tourque nicely to about 5000 - 5500 then i expect a big leap in power and it just isnt there. Yes from 5500 or so thre car is faster but the difference is not as huge as the extended rev range seems to suggest.

While the sport button in theory livens up response the reality is the power doesnt change so the heavy car still takes a while to come on boil. I noticed the same thing on a freinds m5, the specs indicate real speed but the initial reaction from crusing to acceleration is slow, even with a downshift. I think its the weight, at low revs the vanos makes good touque as revs build hp increases and i suspect touque drops, the bulk works against the car. Not a slow car, a quick car even very quick, but only just really fast.

Maybee the smoothness of the power delivery is masking the sensation. Just wondering.

I think the m3 is a great street car that can be driven hardish or on the track, and there are not too many if any sedans that can do that. But i would think that with 500 less lbs the car would really fly, ride better and be sharper. In the end what we have is a reaaly quick trackable sedan, not a commited sportscar. But then porches are the same untill you get to the gt3 or an older 911.

For me it works great as a, driver, that can be thrown at the twisties when conditions allow and is comfortrable and drivable in traffic. I guess I expected a bit more sport and less coddling. But probably i am not used to the car enough yet to extract its true potential.

Boxerman, what options do you have on the car? and would a base M3 (lighter with less options) feel any different?
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