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Ordered the car without sunroof, nav etc. I guess the one option with weight is the elctric seats. Car has 18 in wheels for better comfort and apparently the rubber is easier to acquire for track fun. I also seriously doubt thjat 19 in wheels make much if any improvement on track.

Did not go for zcp as couldnt stand alcantra, thought the trim was hideous, was ambivalent on 19 in wheels, and consensus on this forum was that brakes were a marginal improvement.

If i could have ordered zcp with standard trim and leather wheel probably would have gone for it due to better rack. That being said drove zcp car at Spartanburg and cant say steering is so different. Traction controll doesnt seem to be an issue on the street, in spartanburg on the course in the zcp trac lit up often. I would guess if you want to drive properly on the track thern either way you need to learn the car and should turn trac off.

Never considdered the paddleshift, but given all the rowing in the 6 speed would probably get one in the future when they are a bit better. Car is essentialy techno heavy, and like may modern cars very capable, but driving experience is a bit too anesthetised at speeds below warp. Very different in feel to a hard core sports car, a sedan that is trackable and can be thrown at any bit of road that comes your way, comfortable the rest of the time. If you were going to have one car this would have to be it.

I use it for weekend blasts and occasional long distance travel/commute. I hope to travel to a number of tracks for fun and for this the car seems ideal. You can comfortably drive a long distance to a track, run, and drive home. A much more hard core car can be so uncomfortable driving 300 mi that it needs to be towed there.

All that being said, something with the same weight and significantly more power, or the same power and much less weight would suit my needs better. One last point the base 996 porche which i have driven a fair bit is more or less the same as the m3 except it costs more.
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