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Mein Auto: ...a lot of people crazy.
The SMG is new technology and therefore there is a learning curve to using it. It isn't a real manual and it isn't a real automatic transmission.

Physically, it is a manual has a pressure plate, a clutch, etc. The driver simply lacks a clutch pedal (like you find in a car with an automatic transmission).

Either you can control the shift points just like a real manual or you can let the car decide when to shift just like a real automatic.

However, this transmission has features of both transmissions and features of neither one.

In time, in auto mode, one can learn how to drive with this transmission and get relatively smooth shifts but as I said earlier, there is a learning curve.

For someone more inclined to an automatic transmission (for whatever reasons they have), I do not think I'd recommend the SMG as a good solid replacement but it really, really depends on the person.

For someone more inclined to a manual transmission (for whatever reasons they have), I do think I'd recommend the SMG as a good solid replacement but it still really, really depends on the person.

I would normally tell you to just go test drive a car with SMG but I honestly think that a 30 minute test drive will not give you enough time to adjust to the SMG...not enough time to learn the SMG.

I think the automatic-inclined person would hate it and the manual-inclined person would like it. But, someone use to an automatic will probably adjust a bit faster to the SMG than someone use to a manual (At least this was true in my case--I'd stepped on the brake a couple times thinking it was the clutch...boy was that scary!)

So, shortyb, judging by what you wrote, I do not think your female friend would enjoy the SMG too much unless she was willing to put in the time and effort to learn this new transmission. She will find the automatic mode very herky-jerky until she learns how to feather the acceelrator while the tranny shifts on its own and this will not happen overnight...or maybe even ever.

I'm a manual guy and I like the SMG very much but I was a bit frustrated with it at the beginning. I love shifting it myself and I like the Sport mode a lot as it shifts darn quick. However, I still feel the shifts but no biggie to me.
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