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Ok. Good news...

After replacing the broken power steering pump pulley, the alternator went back in fairly easily.

The bottom bolt is a royal PITA (Pain In The Arse) unless you make sure to do the following: While the alternator is out of the car, you will notice a pressed in bushing with a threaded hole and a hex head on the rear side of the alternator for the bottom bolt to thread into. Take a socket that is the slightly smaller than the bushing and carefully tap it out a fraction of an inch (no more than a 16th of an inch) towards the back of the alternator. The reason for this is when you try to replace the alternator with it fully pressed in, it is an extremely tight fit and you can't really move the alternator around to line the holes up. By pressing that bushing back out a little , you will regain the ability to move the alternator with ease and get the bolt back in without cursing the Germans, their cars, and their engineering. The bushing will then pull back to its original position when you tighten the bottom bolt.

Everything went back in easily after that. The car started up with no issues and ran fine, but the battery did die again on my way home from Advance Auto (battery light comes on, as well as every other light on the dash). They didn't have a replacement in stock, so I will have to try the Autozone 49-DL replacement mentioned on another post.

The good news is Radio Margaritaville is finally live on Sirius Satellite Radio and I got to listen to it for a couple of songs before the battery went into cardiac arrest again.
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