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forgive me but was reading your post on this matter but also consider this is intended to be a sports car and not a gt cruiser.when people go and a an m series car would be the same as people going to get a nsx or rx-7 and suprai not the 840.
but you say you want an m6 but prefer an auto wher ethis was intended to be a sports car not a luxury car and for you to me the smg sounds perfect.and yes the american market is overwhelmed with auto trannys.
now with a realalistic standpoint if bmw spends thousands of dollars on r&d for there m cars to appeal to the driver that wants speed go for a manual which from my understanding an smg is essintully a clutchless manual with an automatic mode and i think this is smart on bmw's part to appeal to all to sum it up in liamends terms an m6 is a more powerful 645 with smg just like an m3 is a supped up version of a 330 so to me this thread is pointless as all is selp explantory.

so if anyone wants a m6 with auto and want to cruise get a 645 but if you want the car for power get a manual(if avilable) m6 where the smg seems to appeal to both(with minor adjustments from the driver)

but with me personally i prefer a manual because i am more in control of the car and like the sense of shifting gears constanly and always feel like i am missing somthing driveing in my gf's auto.
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