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Talking Buying..

Your posts have all been very helpful.

I have been living in NYC for 5 years, so I don't drive. Now I am looking to get a car and I love the BMW 325...but my concerns are the same: snow. I will be moving to Chicago, so this is REALLY important.

It seems as though I'll be ok ith RWD if I get winter that correct? I am a woman in my late 20's, so saftey is a big concern. Does anyone else have experience in heavy snow with the winter tires?

Budget-wise, I'll probably get a 2005 model since I can get a better price (with the new body type of the 2006, they'll be looking to get rid of the old ones fast).

the other car I am looking at is the H3 (I know- TOTALLY different). The only thing that is keeping me from that car is that maintenance is not included. It's brand new, so there isn't a lot out about it's performance, maintenance, actual costs etc. However, I am sure that this car would be a piece of cake in the snow.

Can anyone help me out....????

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