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Originally Posted by veroushka
Your posts have all been very helpful.

I have been living in NYC for 5 years, so I don't drive. Now I am looking to get a car and I love the BMW 325...but my concerns are the same: snow. I will be moving to Chicago, so this is REALLY important.

It seems as though I'll be ok ith RWD if I get winter that correct? I am a woman in my late 20's, so saftey is a big concern. Does anyone else have experience in heavy snow with the winter tires?

Budget-wise, I'll probably get a 2005 model since I can get a better price (with the new body type of the 2006, they'll be looking to get rid of the old ones fast).

the other car I am looking at is the H3 (I know- TOTALLY different). The only thing that is keeping me from that car is that maintenance is not included. It's brand new, so there isn't a lot out about it's performance, maintenance, actual costs etc. However, I am sure that this car would be a piece of cake in the snow.

Can anyone help me out....????

There are no hills in Chicago, at least when comapared to Pittsburgh (the original writer's hometown), so the RWD limitation isn't as big of a deal. I say get what you love.
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