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The only thing i am afraid of is that the guys at the dealership don't match the color properly when they paint the parts. Stratus grey is a "hard" color too because of the pearl in it, so if they don't know what they are doing (80% chance of that) it won't match. I'll definately have to order the parts from Germany since there's no chance in hell they stock them so i'm thinking of getting them painted over there.

Yea, insurance companies sure suck around here. They would fix your car with a hammer and wires to not pay what they owe. Good thing i know some folks around here so i don't have to go trough all the insurance mess. If they get stubborn on me i can always use the old 100$ bill method witch always works in this country

Well... in about 2 hours i'll be leaving to the insurance guys and dealership and find out what's what then i'll post how it went when i get back... fingerscrossed.
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