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Originally Posted by Dr Greco
How tall are you? You might fit better in an M3 rather than in a Vette. I had the same dilemma, and I chose the 325 conv. over the vette conv. I could barely squeeze in the vette, and then my buddy told me I looked funny in there, like I was driving a toy-car. I feel much more comfy in the Bimmer conv. although I once got a coupe loaner and my head was touching the moonroof lip.

Now..... you're probably smaller than 6'7",335lbs. I'd say if you're 6'3" or less you'll fit fine in both.

So put the more exotic looks of the Vette on the one side of the scale and the manufacturing quality of the M3 on the other. IMHO that's what it comes down to

I love both cars, but my legs (I'm 6'1") prefer the M3

I have a good friend that just traded in his C5 'Vette for a C6; he let me drive both of them, and my legs were not happy in the C6, which is noticeably smaller!
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