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I got a reply from them. The kit is still under development and will take 3 more months to test out then 1 month to build so 4 months. Maybe something else will pop up by then.
I'm not into something as big as changing the whole engine like RD does. Plus, the cost to that would probably allow me to upgrade to a M6 so i'd have to be crazy
I don't know about the strocking part. Maybe you guys have many options for that type of thing over the pond because of all the Vette, stang guys doing it but here in the EU there's only Hamann and Hartge. Plus i'd really not want increasing the fuel consumption witch is already pretty bad as it is. A SC system would give me the choice of burning the same fuel by cruising at relaxed revs witch would not be the same as with the displacement upgrade.

I agree that the best thing right now would be to go to Hamann or some other guys and stroke it then get some forged pistons and slap the VP kit on it upping the PSI the blower's running (if that's possible) so the engine doesn't blow out on you. I'd think it would be good for around 600hp going that route but IMO it would take too much money and it's too extreme for me at the moment (this is the first car with more then 115hp i have ever driven so 600 would really be overkill at the moment ).
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